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Go Outside

by Vancar

The crafty songwriting in “Go Outside” romanticizes the outdoors to an indoor generation. Only using natural instruments, this song is a call to action for today’s youth to put down the technology that surrounds them and to just, well, Go Outside and live a little. The message behind this track is fitting for 19- year-old Evan “Vancar” Carcaterra who is a post-millennial noticing the constraints and power that technology has placed on us. This track will speak to a generation and hopefully act to invoke a curiosity about our natural world rather than the artificial one that entraps us.

Vancar will be releasing more powerfully written and musically diverse tracks over the coming months so stay tuned, and in the meantime give this multi-talented artist’s advice a try; put down your iPhone and Go Outside.


Written, Produced, and Recorded by Evan Carcaterra

Guitar & Vocals: Daniel Feldman

Piano: Sam Hull

Percussion: Julian Saint Denis & Evan Carcaterra

Lyrics & Bass: Evan Carcaterra

Mixed & Mastered: Pete Novak at Omega Studios

Album Art: Music Promo Today & Clay Blackmore